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febFMOM This months forum member is actually a pair that have really been very active in our forums the past month.  These people have also have a very impressive Tablet PC application released during the month as well.  The release of this product has also started one our our largest threads since forums started.  Right now the post has 17 pages and over 237 replies!!!  What makes it special???  The developers of that application have been in there posting, helping, answering questions and getting feedback.  In addition to their own thread, there have been posts outside that one where more help and suggestions for other users have been posted. This recognition is to signify the efforts in helping others, fostering communication, expressing concern, following up and giving their opinion on topics.  These qualifications are what we feel make a wonderful member of the GBM community, and the greater Tablet PC and UMPC community.

Each GBM Forum Member of the Month can choose to display the  ‘Forum Member of the Month’ logo as his or her avatar. And of course they will receive their very own Splotch.

The whole GBM Staff is involved in this process of selection and we will review and pick a FMOTM for each month.  So, a big round of applause as we recognize our fifth GBM Forum Member of the Month.

And that is: The InkSeine Team !!!

Thanks for all of your contributions to the GBM community. We look forward to many more great contributions in the future. Keep up the great work!

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