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Wow that was quick! And just like’s 1 Year Anniversary, we almost let it pass us by. The Forums now have over 1000 registered users. 1008 to be exact. And those 1008 users have contributed over 13,600 posts in an ongong conversation about Tablet PCs, Ultra-Mobile PCs, and mobile technology. Whether it is a question being asked, or a question being answered, the spirit of community is alive and thriving in the GBM Forums. And of course to celebrate this milestone we’ve got a few prizes to bestow.

First, to our 1000th member of the GBM Forums we are giving a shirt of his/her choice. And who is the lucky number 1000? ZebraFilm. Congratulations! (Although I don’t think the shirts come in stripes.)

Second, because we’re feeling oh, so, generous, we are awarding Splotch, our GBM Mascot, to the top 25 posters on the site since its inception. And the lucky new Splotch owners are:

  1. SplotchSteve S
  2. Tablet
  3. WNewquay
  4. K0LO
  5. segalsegal
  6. Oliver
  7. okashira
  8. jgm15296
  9. SimsHsia
  10. Blowfish
  11. Exhile
  12. minimage
  13. Northern_Rebel
  14. Yonatan
  15. areyes
  16. Kreole
  17. DevilsRejection
  18. Aaron Axvig
  19. bocaccio
  20. csterns
  21. gamecockdoc
  22. mistergadgett
  23. sierra
  24. Sumocat
  25. Bannor

ZebraFilm and all of the proud new Splotch owners please PM Dennis through the forum to claim your 1000th Member Awards!

Congratulations to all of the the Forum members for making the forums such a raging success and a big thank you to GBM Forum sponsor TabletKiosk. Here’s to the next 1000 registered users!

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