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InkShows InkShow: Fujitsu U810 Review



fujitsuU810 There have been many reviews of the Fujitsu U810 around the net over the past few weeks, but now it’s my time to take a look.  The reviews have been all over the spectrum with some dissatisfied and others really like the new little device.   I had this device over a weekend to give a once over and by the end of the weekend, I really liked Darth Vader.

Today in this InkShow I take everyone for a quick overview of the U810.  I run thru the external features to show the ports and layout of the device.  Then, I do a comparison with some computer gadgets to really give you an idea on how small the device.  Then we go into the keyboard – if your hands are on the larger side, you might want to watch this part of the InkShow as it’s really small to try and type on.  The next part of the video is a little dark, but I am trying to show the screen and it does a good job. In the end, I liked the Inking on the U810, it just took some getting used to how I had to rest my hand on the screen.


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