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Last year, on my old website ( ), I ran a contest giving away a DocuPen RC800 scanner. It was quite successful and generated some awesome entries. I awarded Aaron Bernstein the $299 scanner based upon his entry. Well, Aaron followed me over from to and has remained a loyal reader ever since. Yesterday, he caught Matt’s post yesterday about the Vista giveaway. Aaron entered, and wouldn’t you know it – he won! It is awesome knowing we can help spread a little of the mobile goodness around!

If you are interested in learning more about the RC800 scanner, check out my review here and the Planon site here. By the way, we have an awesome contest coming up where we will be giving away an RC800 scanner, along with the executive kit, valued at $399.99. Big thanks to the folks at PlanOn for sending this our way. Stay tuned.

Aaron gave me permission to share his email on how the RC800 scanner has been used in the year since winning it.

A little over a year ago, Rob on his previous website created a contest to win a DocuPen.   Lucky then, I won the contest as I told Rob of my story as a special education teacher who would be able to to use the pen both as a way to organize my own mobile life, and as a tool to teach and help my students who have their own issues with organization and typically benefit from the inherent ways technology helps them organize their own lives.  (Rob, at this point I apologize, but I could never get permission to send you pictures as it would have gone against our school policies.)  However, I can tell you that many students loved the DocuPen this and last year as a tool and those who saw themselves as college bound felt like it was something that would be high on their “to buy” list when they went off to school.  As for myself, I’m still not the most organized person, but having the DocuPen has definitely helped.

But, onto more current news.  Yesterday, Matt posted a link to win a free copy of Windows Vista.  And while this one was apparently random, and not purpose based, guess who won?  :) 

So, to the GottaBeMobile team, I say thank you.  You have now once again (literally) enriched my mobile life from something I got from information on your website. 

Admittedly, I only read your posts and don’t contribute to message boards or things like that.  However, I do value the information you all provide and appreciate the contributions you all have made.  I know that clearly, it has made a big difference to me.

Thanks again.

Aaron M. Bernstein


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