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Hardware talks with DualCor’s Rob Howe



In the past several days, I’ve received a couple of inquiries regarding DualCor and the status of the DualCor cPC. Yesterday, I left a message with Rob Howe, DualCor’s President and COO and he called me this morning to talk about where DualCor is right now, the status of the cPC, and a peek into what their next generation products might look like.

GBM: As of late, DualCor has been having telephone issues, which has led some to think that you guys have folded up. What is going on there?

Rob Howe: DualCor is alive and well, and still in Scotts Valley, California. We have been busy at work with the cPC. We have been having some phone system issues due to Voice over IP problems, but we are working on getting them fixed. Please continue to call us at (831) 430-9001 and visit us on the web at

GBM: What is the latest on the cPC?

Rob Howe: We have been shipping engineering samples of the cPC, what we like to call version 0.9,  for the past several months and have been receiving excellent feedback and suggestions.

GBM: When will the cPC ship?

Rob Howe: Because of the changes in the market place, technological advances, and customer feedback on version1, we have not decided on a launch date for Version 1.0.  We are currently working furiously on the engineering for the cPC version 2.0 , which we are looking at shipping in the spring 2007 time frame.

GBM: What can we expect to see in version 2 of the cPC?

Rob Howe: Version 2 will have a single board solution instead of the two board solution that version 1 uses. It will be thinner, more elegant, sleeker, and will most likely have an integrated keyboard. Customer feedback and market research has indicated the need to integrate a keyboard.

I’ve asked Rob Howe to place on his list for engineering samples of version 1 and version 2, and he’ll be keeping us up to date on how DualCor is progressing with version 2.

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