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GottaBeSecure: Great Mobile Security Products



image> What makes for a good mobile security product? After last week’s onslaught of new products and gadgets at CES, I sat down to think about the qualities that I think go into a great mobile security product.

image> First and foremost, a mobile security product has to be easy to use. This holds true for any security product, but especially mobile security products. Mobile users are trying to achieve more in every spare moment we have—unless a mobile security product is easy to use, it will slow us down (and we don’t want to be slowed down). Second, a great mobile security product has to significantly improve security. If we’re going to take a little to time to ensure security, it had better be worth it. No one likes to do something for nothing; mobile security products need to make a big difference if they’re to be used at all. Third, mobile security products (at least software packages) need to auto-update themselves. A recent study found that only 51% of anti-virus users/anti-spyware users actually update their software. Great mobile security products need to update themselves rather than relying on their owners to download updates. Finally, mobile security products need to be integrated into mobile computer platforms. Who wants to use a fingerprint scanner that needs to be connected by USB each time it’s needed? Fingerprint scanners that are integrated might actually get used; products that need to be carried, installed, or connected will not.

I started off this article stating that these were my opinions on what makes a good mobile security product. Now I’d like to hear from you! What do you think makes for a good mobile security product? Which product can you live without and which ones do you really need?

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