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GPS integrated UMPC for the military: CATCHER



CatcherMan, I may have to join the Army, just to get my hands on one of these!  Uhh, maybe that is taking my technolust a bit too far I guess.

NaviGadget is reporting some pretty serious specs on a “ruggedized” Ultra-Mobile PC with some major beefy specs to it that is designed for the military.  Here is a sample of what they had to say about this device:

Catcher (Communications And Telemetry Computing Handheld for Emergency Response) is a ruggedized, full featured, portable computer (UMPC?) built to military standards that incorporates voice, video, data, and biometric information with multiple wireless and wired communications capabilities…..

…… Since it is built for the military – they didn’t want to put in a cheap 256MB memory and a wimpy 10GB HDD. The CATCHER comes standard with a 2GB internal memory and 40GB hard disk drive. It runs the Windows XP Tablet edition which runs on a 1.7GHz Intel Mobile Pentium M processor.

Wow.  I’m ready to salute this thing just hearing it’s specs!  Speculation is that it is setting back Uncle Sam $5,000–6,000 apiece, and that is probably without the extra battery, that will probably cost another grand!  :-)

There’s more on this.  Take the jump over to Navigadget to see the full story from them!

Source:  NaviGadget via Chris Davies at

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