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Grahl Software In Beta For PDF Annotator 1.3



PdfannotatorLooks like Grahl Software has been doing some tinkering with PDF Annotator and now has version 1.3 in Beta. There are a number of new features, improvements and fixes listed. From the site:


  + New Feature
  – Fixed Bug
  * Changed Behaviour

> Release:

+ Bookmark tree to jump to pages, available   from the new View, Go to submenu, and from a toolbar button.
+ View, Rotate clockwise and counterclockwise commands to rotate all pages.
+ Enhanced printing: Direct printing which is  much quicker and consumes much less memory than printing as image (which is now optionally available on the print settings
+ Completely rewritten undo manager for faster and less resource consuming undo.
+ New option to enable or disable warning to confirm attempt to overwrite original document.
+ New option to create .ORG backup file when overwriting orginal documents the first time.
+ New option to create .BAK backup files each time a document is saved.
+ New option to optimize rendering for LCD screens.
+ Adjusting bookmarks when inserting, appending or deleting files.
+ Appending bookmarks when appending a document.
+ Added Save button to full screen toolbar.
+ New keyboard shortcuts for zoom commands that also work in full screen mode.

* Create inserted or appended pages with same size like currently selected page.
* Online help revised.
* Online help moved to HTML Help (CHM) format.
* No additional download required when installing on desktop (non-tablet) OS.

– Problem with shifted annotations for some specific PDF documents solved.
– Many rendering problems fixed.
– Pages containing annotations could not be displayed any more after saving and reopening in PDF Annotator specific PDF documents.
– Window position and size did not restore properly.
– Text search did not find text in some documents.
– Undo did not work properly in some conditions.
– Top-of-pen eraser did not work properly.
– Show Toolbar was visible in context menu at any time, not just in full screen mode.
– No error message was displayed for files with unsupported encryption.
– Needed to click into the document first, before mouse wheel or key scrolling was working if file was opened through command line.
– Context menu integration on installation did not work.
– Pasting copied ink did paste into invisible region of the page if page was zoomed in and scrolled down.
– Temporary files were not deleted on shutdown.
– Files of deleted macros were not erased, so deleted macros reappeared after restart.
– Rendering problems with some documents resolved.
– After entering the password on password protected documents, a bogus error message was shown.

Thanks to GBM reader, Wesley Delk for the tip.

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