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Grahl Software Releases Security Update to PDF Annotator 2



boxshot_smGrahl Software Design has issued a security update to the popular PDF Annotator 2. They are also extending the holiday special on the new version. Details after the jump.

From the Grahl Newsletter:
Dear User,
I hope you survived the holidays, had a great time with your families and that the new decade has started well for you.
Many readers contacted me last week, because they just got back to their computers after the break, and realized that they missed our PDF Annotator holiday sale. So I thought we should give you a second chance: When you buy PDF Annotator between Friday and Sunday this week, you’ll save $20.
This offer is valid for all online purchases of PDF Annotator Regular License (not Student License) between Jan 15 (Friday) and Jan 17, 2010 (Sunday).
Important Security Update for PDF Annotator

Earlier this week, we received word from a supplier, whose rendering technology we use in PDF Annotator 2, about the potential for malicious code to be executed to compromise users’ systems via PDF files, using a very specific means. Though no such exploitation is known to have occurred to date, we felt we should act with some urgency to protect our clients.
All PDF Annotator versions prior to release should be updated to a later release.

Please update to PDF Annotator or later using the built-in Upgrade Wizard (Select Help, Version Check from the PDF Annotator menu) or download and install the latest version manually.


  1. Mickey Segal

    01/12/2010 at 9:26 am

    When other companies patch security holes they do so without charge. Grahl tells you that you have to buy an upgrade.

    The letter makes it sound like even users of version 1.x need to upgrade, even if all they want is the security upgrade. For version 1.x users, the upgrade is $35 (, more than many of us paid for the software in the first place.

    If Microsoft did this for a non-ancient product, people would go berserk.

  2. Oliver Grahl

    01/12/2010 at 3:58 pm


    Version 1 is not affected, that’s why we said “in PDF Annotator 2” in our notification. Sorry if that wasn’t clear enough.


  3. Mickey Segal

    01/12/2010 at 9:06 pm

    The statement “All PDF Annotator versions prior to release should be updated to a later release” made it sound like version 1 was included, but it is good to hear that it is not. Thanks for the clarification. So unless people upgrading from previous versions of 2.x need to pay for the security fix it sounds like my concern was unfounded.

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