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Grandpa? Gramps? Pappy? JKOnTheRun’s James Kendrick’s line continues …



Ever wonder if these online people you know are really real?  Do they actually have lives?  I am sure many people wonder that about James Kendrick, since the only image available seems to be a charicature on his page.  He is real, I can attest to that (and he look very much like that cartoon image).  Well, now it seems that the JK lineage has taken a new step, and JK has moved forward into the next great stage of life.  I’ll let you hear it in his words:

“At approximately 8:15 this evening my daughter Misty and her husband Kurt became the proud parents of a 9 lb., 3 oz. baby boy, as yet unnamed.  Mother and son are doing well tonight, father seems a bit overwhelmed by it all.    Gramps and Grandma (snicker) are doing well too, although Grandma thinks she’s way too young to be a Granny.  I don’t have a photo yet but will post one when I do.  I have to go sit in my rocker now.”

Hey — I say we name it for them!  How about “Moby”?  “UMPSEY”?  “Tabby”?  “Geeky”?  Think the parents would like any of those names JK?

It’s nice to know that life does march on.  Head over to JKOnTheRun and offer congrats to the new Grandpa!

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