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Great Apple Tablet Satire by Gerald Sindell



In the category of “I wish I had written that” Gerald Sindell has penned a wonderful little satiric piece about the Apple Tablet that presupposes he has worked withthe device and is now breaking his NDA to tell all.

Here’s a quick excerpt:

Killer apps? Try this — for those who will want to mount the iTablet high on their dashboard, this thing is going to block your view. So Apple has come up with the brilliant iDrive. The camera on the back side stays live and you basically can see right through your iTablet, like a virtual window. A second camera, imbedded invisibly in the screen, can provide help in backing up.

When you’re not in your car, the embedded cameras creates iMirror, and one of the coolest apps we’ve seen so far is iTrim. Male or female, select your hairstyle from dozens of possibilities, and then iTrim gives you cut by cut directions so you can do it yourself. You might need a little help for the back and top, or you can sync up two iTablets and put them on the Infinite Barbershop Mirror setting.

Now go read the entire thing here.

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