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Great Comments About The “Failure” of Tablet PCs



There are some very insightful comments being made in my Tablet PC Failure article. CPChickie, a long time Tablet PC user and GBM reader, made this comment that echoes what I am hearing a lot these days. It also echoes what my wife said recently about Tablet PCs in this Lenovo U110 article.

Does this comment ring close for anyone? I think this comment, along with my wife’s, speaks a lot about Tablet PC troubles. Microsoft and OEMs need to really be paying attention to what is being said.

My Tablets are all now laptops or docked desktops with “hidden powers beyond those of mere PCs”

Maybe Apple can do something to increase demand or usefulness of the Tablet PC. Or give us a better OS geared for the Tablet form.

I gave up fighting handwriting recognition, battery life, dropped wireless, lack of reliable N speed wireless, and I gaped in open-mouthed horror at all the convulsions caused by Vista as posted by the infinitely tolerant experts at

I wish I could make my living convincing people to use Tablet PCs, but I make mine treating patients. They don’t have time or patience to watch me reboot, change batteries, swap computers and try to get the TIP to recognize reliably. And neither do I. So now my office has a hardwired XP small form factor PC in each room with a 19″ touchscreen LCD. Dull? Yes, but so much easier to deal with and I spend more time being a doctor and less being a PC tech.

I will keep following here because I think Tablets will someday go mainstream. I just couldn’t wait any longer.

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