Griffin Clarifi Case for iPhone Provides Some Clarity

clarifi2 Some times simple solutions work best. There’s no mistaking the fact that compared to many other cameras on smart phones and feature phones the camera on the iPhone suffers from comparison. It almost harkens back to the early days of UMPCs when the webcams that were included on those devices were just horrible and not worth the ticket.

But there have been a few attempts to make the bad better and one of those is the Griffin Clarifi case for the iPhone 3G.


First up, the polycarbonate case works very well as just that, a case. It has all the openings in the right place to hit the appropriate buttons and charge up your phone without removing it from the case. The bottom third slides off easily enough if you want to put your iPhone in a dock.

But, the real simplicity of this case comes with the sliding close-up lens for the camera. It actually improves the quality of close up photos. In fact, I was impressed with how much it does so. Granted, you’ve still got an insufficient camera to work with, but if you’re taking close up or macro shots, especially those that have text in them, this simple solution works very well. I find it also enhances color as well. Here a few shots I’ve taken with this below. 

Without Griffin Clarifi With Griffin Clarifi
camera 001 camera 002
camera 003 camera 004
camera 005 camera 006
camera 012 camera 013