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Griffin Guide Organizes All Your Charging Cables



There’s no shortage of cable organizers out on the market, but the Griffin Guide aims to separate itself from the competition with steel and magnets, and it’s been announced here at CES 2015.

The Griffin Guide consists of a heavy steel base that sits firmly on your desk, and then three magnetic pieces in varying shapes attach onto the steel base in a variety of layouts that you can set yourself. All you do is feed your cables through the magnetic pieces and then the Guide will prevent them from falling off your desk.

The Guide’s three magnetic pieces consist of two U-shaped pieces and a round single-cord holder. The U-shaped pieces can fit a couple of cables each, while the circular magnet can fit one cable through it to act as a main cable for your laptop charger if you want. This means that the Guide could fit several cables and prevent them from sliding off your desk.

Griffin Guide

The Guide starts at $29.99 and if you need more room to organize all of those cables, you can easily by a second one for your desk. It’s certainly one of the prettiest cable organizer options that we’ve seen in a while, but you’ll have to wait until the second quarter this year in order to get your hands on one.

We’ve all been there: You go to charge your iPhone only to discover that the Lightning cable fell behind the desk, and you now have to begin a fun game of either reaching behind the desk to fetch it, or get on your hands and knees and venture below the desk to retrieve the cable. It’s an annoying first-world problem and it’s pretty humorous when it happens to someone else, but it’s definitely not something you laugh about when it happens to you.

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 7.41.22 PM

Usually, people can think of some temporary ways to keep their cables from falling off their desk, whether it’d be putting a paperweight on top of the cable or balancing the weight just right so that gravity doesn’t take it away. These quick solutions are mostly temporary, though.

There are several cable-holding accessories that we’re big fans of, like Cable Drops, the Quirky Cordie, and even trusty binder clips, but the Griffin Guide is a gorgeous option for users that care about aesthetics.

Of course, cable organizing is an industry that has a lot of DIY competition, so if Griffin wants to sell the Guide for $30 a piece, it might have to do a lot of convincing to get users to buy it, but it’s certainly something that many users can get behind.

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