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Griffin Survivor Core Galaxy S6 Case Review



One of the most popular names in smartphone accessories is Griffin, and the company has a wide selection of cases for the impressive new all glass and aluminum Galaxy S6. Here we’ll be testing out the new Griffin Survivor Core series case with the clear back for those looking for lightweight, low-profile, yet durable Galaxy S6 protection.

Samsung’s new flagship is unlike any other Samsung smartphone ever released. It’s wrapped in a durable aluminum frame and is covered in glass on both the front and the back. It’s an elegant looking phone, but many users will still likely want to protect their investment with a case. If so, choose one like the clear Survivor so you’ll still see the elegant glass design on the back.

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There are a number of excellent cases around for the Samsung Galaxy S6, and the same goes for the Edge, but those still on the lookout for a simple and effective case, read on to learn more about one of the many available from Griffin.


Griffin offers a lot of different cases for Galaxy S6 owners, but one of our favorites has to be the Survivor Core for its minimalistic sleek design, low profile, yet tough reinforced corners offering as much protection as possible without making it too bulky. At the same time, the back is clear so users can still see the unique glass-covered black, white or gold color, the Galaxy S6 logo, and more.

Not everyone wants a bulky case, or a wallet case carrying around all their debit cards like we linked to above, and for those who don’t want that the Survivor Core is perfect. It’s actually the slimmest case in the Survivor lineup.

Griffin uses three different build materials and approaches to making this case. For one it features a lightweight TPU design that covers the sides and front from scratches and nicks, this also makes it flexible so it’s easy to slide the Galaxy S6 into the case. Then, they’ve added reinforced polycarbonate corners and clear black plastic with what Griffin calls “crumple zones” that protects it from drops higher than 6.6 ft.


The back is clear and made of a durable hard plastic, but sadly our unit had a few imperfections and scratches to the clear back right out of the box. Which leads us to think that will get scratched fast, and easily. That said, the entire point of a case is to take the grunt of the damage, not your phone. So this shouldn’t matter to most considering the Survivor.

Griffin’s Survivor Core case isn’t too slippery, but doesn’t have a rubbery feel that will pickup dust, dirt or link either. It’s a perfect middle ground that makes it slim, durable, easy to hold, and it slides in and out of my pocket with ease.

All the ports for the camera, IR sensor on the top, micro-USB charging port on the bottom, and most importantly, the buttons, are all precision cut and have a perfect fit and alignment. The buttons are easy to push, so it doesn’t limit the device. This is always a major area of concern with TPU cases, but isn’t an issue here with Griffin’s Survivor Core case for the Galaxy S6.

Overall there isn’t much to the Survivor Core, but that’s the point. It offers a minimal design with maximum protection, all while only costing $29.99. It’s one of the more expensive TPU cases, but has a very good fit that is very snug, soft buttons, all while still letting the design of the Galaxy S6 shine through the back.


The best part of the Survivor Core for me has to be the clear back, and the fact that the TPU material folds over the front of the device. This protects the screen from scratches while being tossed around, or if the Galaxy S6 is laying face-down on a table. The package doesn’t include a screen protector or anything, and all buyers will get is the case for the rather high $29.99 price tag. This case only comes in black.

If you’re looking for a minimal design the Survivor Core is a great choice and you can get it right here. For those wanting more function out of a case may want to check out the CM4 Galaxy S6 Wallet Case.

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