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Grocery Shopping With A Tablet PC




Jezlyn at Late to the Party has been pondering a UMPC/Origami purchase, and as a part of her pondering she decided to take her Toshiba M200 Tablet PC along for a grocery shopping trip. Using MindManager to map out her grocery list, she headed into the aisles.

“I sort of had the idea to do this to see if I could just force myself to carry the tablet to places where a UMPC/micro-PC would be more suitable, partially just to see how it’d be, and partially to try and stave off my desire to pick up a UMPC-type device longer…  Can’t justify buying a UMPC if I can just as “easily” use my M200 instead.”

Check out her verdict on whether or not a Tablet PC is a good grocery shopping aide, or if she’s going to go UMPC/Origami instead. Do you grocery shop with your Tablet PC?

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