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Grove City College goes Tablet PC



When I was at my son’s Boy Scout meeting last night, I was talking with an upcoming Eagle scout about his 2007 college plans. He is attending Grove City College in Fall 2007 and is really, really excited about going, not to mention a very bright young man.

Anyway, he knows my Tablet PC interests quite well and was telling me that incoming Fall 2007 Freshmen will be getting an HP TC4400 Tablet PC a Lenovo X60 Tablet PC as part of their school package and get to keep it if they are still full-time upon graduation. As of the 2006 school term, incoming freshmen were getting HP TC4200 Tablet PCs. If this prospective student is right about getting an X60, Lenovo got a win in the conversion department.

UPDATE: We have received some corrected information on the Tablet PC that 2007 freshmen will be receiving and it is an HP TC4400. Thanks to Vincent DiStasi, VP-CIO of Grove City College for supplying us with the correct info. For more information on the Grove City College mobile computer program, check out the comments in this thread.

It is great to see colleges, like Grove City, embracing the Tablet PC.

More information on the Grove City College freshmen program can be found here.

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