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GSM iPad 2s Appear to Outsell Verizon, WiFi iPads at Apple Stores



My personal inventory checks at Apple retail stores in Northern and Southern California indicate that the GSM variant of the iPad 2–the version that is compatible with AT&T’s 3G and 2G network–is outselling the WiFi version and the Verizon Wireless version. Though retail employees were not able to speak officially and could not disclose sales figures or shipment inventories at local stores, employees say that the GSM versions are the first to go, then the WiFi version, and the remaining daily inventory is usually the Verizon version.

As Verizon utilizes the CDMA/EV-DO network for its 3G protocol, the Verizon model will work in a more limited number of countries while the GSM version, being unlocked, can be used in more countries.

Additionally, with Apple still rolling out iPad 2 launches in a staggered fashion, one reason that the GSM variant is outselling the other versions is perhaps due to scouters who are buying out the majority of the GSM iPad 2 inventory in order to turn around and sell the devices at a higher price in the U.S., abroad, or in countries where Apple has yet to launch the device. With inventory still constrained, there is still a large demand for the tablet.


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