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GTA 5 Freemode Update Notes Reveal What Is New



With the GTA 5 update that adds the Freemode open area to GTA Online due out today, video game developer Rockstar is finally detailing all the changes players can expect. All told, those who’ve become comfortable with the way GTA Online works can expect some big alterations.

Rockstar announced the GTA 5 Freemode update for GTA Online last week in a post on its blog. This morning, the studio added a list of notes and changes for GTA 5 Title Update 1.29. That’s what the studio is calling the Freemode Update internally. The notes are extensive and cover everything from the new content added with the Freemode Update to bugs the studio fixed. GTA Online is the multiplayer experience that comes bundled with Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows, PS4 and PS3 versions of GTA 5.

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That being said, only the Xbox One, Windows and PS4 versions of the game are getting the Freemode Update today. Rockstar says that hardware issues prevent them from providing Freemode to the Xbox 360 and PS3. That’s understandable, those consoles are roughly 10 years old now. Freemode launches today.

Freemode replaces the system of lobbies and loading that were the hallmark of GTA Online before. Instead of going into different lobbies and waiting for missions to start, activities happen dynamically within the game world on their own. Events happen at anytime and rewards players with experience and cash bonuses for their participation. Players get a countdown clock on their screen pointing them to where the next event is, they rush there and the activity begins.

There are 12 new events that’ll happen dynamically in GTA Online after the Freemode Update is installed. They are Freemode Challenges, Time Trial, Criminal Damage, Hold the Wheel, Penned In, Dead Drop, Kill List, Checkpoint Challenge, Moving Target, Hot Property, Hunt the Beast and King of the Castle.

King of the Castle is all about territory control and fighting off opposing players to defend an area you’ve captured. Hunt The Beast lets a player become stronger and faster. It’s then other player’s job to hunt that player down. Hot Property gives users a vehicle and tasks them with holding onto a suite case the longest. In Moving Target, players have to deliver a vehicle to a set destination while fighting off other players. Kill List lets players battle with security forces in the game. Penned In forces players to defend their place in an ever-shrinking dome from other players. Last player in the dome wins.

The Freemode Update for GTA 5 also adds Hunting Pack and Cross The Line, two more Adversary Job modes for GTA Online players.

With today’s GTA 5 update, the Rockstar Editor is available to PS4 and Xbox One owners. The Editor includes ambient sound effects, copy and paste, more music from the game’s radio stations, and updates to the Director Mode. Rockstar Editor is a video creation tool for enthusiasts. PS4 and Xbox One owners can expect Achievements for using the Rockstar Editor.

Random tweaks in this update include stackable props and rotating for the Rockstar Creator, a creation sandbox within the game and new places to find Pegasus vehicles and helicopters. There’s a rather extensive list of fixes for both GTA Online and GTA 5 on the Rockstar Newswire website. The most notable of these is network connectivity, which had become pretty unstable at times for GTA Online players.

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Players will need a copy of GTA 5 to take advantage of the GTA Online Freemode Update. GameStop sells pre-owned versions for Xbox One and PS4 for $54.99. To their credit, Microsoft has slashed the cost of the game for digital buyers. GTA 5 is 20% off its normal price, provided users have a subscription to Xbox Live Gold.



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