GTA 5 Online Heists Release Date & More Revealed
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GTA 5 Online Heists Release Date & More Revealed



Rockstar Games has finally revealed two pieces of information longtime fans of their GTA series have waited for since last year. Today, the company disclosed the GTA 5 Online Heists release date and set a final launch date for GTA 5 for PC.

Rockstar announced the GTA 5 Online Heists release date and the GTA 5 for PC release date this morning in a post on its Rockstar Newswire blog.

Online Heists seems to be on its way intact and just as robust as previous posts and videos about it revealed. When it launches on March 10, GTA Online players will be able to team up with three of their friends to take on longer complicated co-operative missions. One member of the group will act as the Online Heists leader, assigning tasks and financing most of the individual missions needed to pull off each Heist.

gta v for PC

These are all things that Rockstar revealed about the mode already. The only new details included in this post are the release date and news that Heists will be spread out across Los Santos and Blaine County. Rockstar says it’ll have more details to share and reveal other new features coming with Online Heists in the next two weeks.

Mainly, today’s post is about telling GTA 5 for PC buyers what they can expect on launch day. April 14th is the official release date for the Windows PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5. Originally, GTA 5 for PC was expected to launch alongside its Xbox One and PS4 counterparts.

That didn’t happen, sending gamers who’d pre-ordered the title already into something of a fit. To thank those users for their patience, Rockstar is giving users $200,000 in in-game currency to use for whatever they like. Rockstar describes GTA 5 for PC as its “most graphically and technically advanced version yet.” Owing to the PC’s support for better graphics cards and more, this version should look better than any version of the game we’ve seen yet. Despite its delay, Rockstar is hoping to get PC users immediately caught up with everyone else who purchased the game. GTA Online and Heists should be available on launch along with Rockstar Editor, a video recording tool for making clips inside the game.

Grand Theft Auto 5 launched in the fall of 2013 for the Xbox 360 and the PS3 just before sales of the Xbox One and PS4 kicked off. The Xbox One and PS4 versions are identical to that first version of the game, but include some extras like better lighting and more shrubbery. Also included is a first-person mode that allows players to become their character and look at the open-world game from a new perspective. First-Person mode will also make it into GTA 5 for PC.

GTA 5 takes place in the fictionalized state of Los Santos. Instead of focusing on one character, players take on the role of three different protagonists from three very different walks of life. There’s Michael, a high-stakes robber with a tragic family life, and Franklin, who is simply looking for a way to make money and stay out of jail. Trevor, a certified psychopath rounds out the trio.

The game has two modes, a story mode that focus on these guys and GTA Online. GTA Online uses the same world as the story mode but lets users create their own characters and pull off jobs to stack in-game cash for better weapons, vehicles and hideouts. GTA Online receives regular updates with new features and upgrades, making it more of a living breathing world than the story mode or past games in the series.

GTA Online is included free with every copy of GTA 5.

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