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GTA 5 Online Lost Characters, Rank, Cash Issues Remain as Play Resumes



The GTA 5 Online experience is online and ready for millions of gamers to play nearly a week after the official launch, but there are still a host of problems for Rockstar including missing characters, cash, items and apartments.

GTA Online launched last week to a plethora of problems which prevented many gamers from playing the GTA 5 Online component. One of the biggest issues caused gamers to get stuck in the training introduction which prevented users from getting into the GTA 5 Online world.

When gamers got in there were still issues for some gamers who got stuck on loading screens, had trouble joining other parties and experienced the Rockstar Cloud Services are unavailable error. This last error as it turns out could be behind many reports of gamers missing items earned during the early days of GTA 5 Online.

The GTA 5 Online experience is far from perfect with missing characters, items and cash.

The GTA 5 Online experience is far from perfect with missing characters, items and cash.

Gamers are complaining to Rockstar on Twitter with some users reporting losses of millions of GTA Online dollars in cash and vehicles and GTA 5 Online character rankings resetting from 40 to 1.

Rockstar is aware of the issue, but is not able to confirm if it will be able to deliver lost characters and cash to gamers who already invested a significant amount of time in playing GTA 5 Online. Gamers are also asking if they will be compensated for their loss, but Rockstar is mum on this issue as well. The only real answer we’ve seen outside of look at our support page is that the company is exploring its options.

Rockstar does allow gamers to buy in-game cash with real money, so it is possible they will deliver some type of in-game upgrade to users who lost characters.

Rockstar provides the following statement about GTA 5 Online’s missing characters, cash and items;

We are continuing to investigate the causes of the lost progress and what can be done to minimize the impact until a permanent fix is in place.  Also, we have not forgotten about the requests for restoration.  We are in the process of determining the options for addressing the issues for those players who have been affected.  Please stay tuned for further updates here.

Gamers can subscribe to the support page for this issue for email updates when Rockstar has more information on the issue.

Rockstar issued GTA 5 patches for the online experience on PS3 and Xbox 360, and gamers should be able to play reliably now, though some will need to start a new character for the time being.

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1 Comment


    10/08/2013 at 9:48 pm

    I lost my apartment and my Entity. back to playing red dead -_-

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