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GTA 5 Still Available for Release Date Pickup at Most Stores



Gamers looking to get their hands on the critically-acclaimed Grand Theft Auto 5 likely won’t have to wait as long as some gaming-industry insiders anticipated. That’s according to stock checks we’ve compiled on the availability of the game so far.

Stock checks on GameStop’s website indicate that standard editions of the open-world game are still readily available at nearly all the company’s retail locations and on their website. Of the locations we checked in Los Angeles, New York City, and Richmond, Virginia, only a single store in Los Angeles showed signs of low stock. Stock of the PlayStation 3 version of the game is also holding out. That’s great news for users looking to pick up the standard version of the game as they head home

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Store checks at Best Buy also confirm that the game is still readily available. No store in the cities we checked, revealed any Best Buy locations that were running low on the standard version of the game.

Blow stuff up with a fighter jet in GTA 5's Grand Theft Auto Online mode.

Blow stuff up with a fighter jet in GTA 5’s Grand Theft Auto Online mode.

The news isn’t as rosy for gamers looking to pick up Grand Theft Auto 5: Special Edition. That version of the game is virtually sold out at Best Buy, Amazon and GameStop. So far there is no news about if or when each retailer will take delivery of more Special Edition versions of the game. While users don’t necessarily need to purchase the special edition version of the game, it does include a few extras that gaming enthusiasts might enjoy having as keep sakes.

That includes additional in-game clothing, weapons, the ability to import past charterers into Grand Theft Auto 5’s online multiplayer, a copy of the game, exclusive vehicles, a blueprint map of the entire game world and, metallic game case and a special deposit bag with included key. All for $149.99 as opposed to the $59.99 price of the standard version of the game.

While checking the game’s availability with each retailer is cumbersome, day one purchasers can use the online tool Milo to find stores who have the game in stock in their area.

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Although first-person shooters like Call of Duty usually make up the bulk of titles users are excited to get their hands on, the consensus from industry analysts is that Grand Theft Auto 5 will break sales records.

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