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GTA 5 to Get Halloween Surprise Event



Video game developer Rockstar is hoping to keep owners of GTA 5 at home this Halloween night. The studio has a Halloween Surprise Event specifically for GTA Online players who don’t plan on wearing a mask and venturing out on Halloween.

Rockstar announced the GTA Online Halloween Surprise Event earlier today on its Rockstar Newswire blog. GTA 5 is the often used name for Grand Theft Auto 5, a massive open-world game that came to the Xbox 360 and PS3 back in 2013. It is available on the Xbox One, PS4 and PCs running Microsoft’s Windows operating system. GTA Online is the multiplayer experience that’s available to everyone who purchases the game.

gta online halloween

The GTA Online Halloween Surprise Event begins today for Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PCs. As the name suggests, the entire event features horror and nightmare themed digital goods, events and items for users to earn. The event includes a special livestream on October 30th and an event this weekend that will include a special acclivity not yet revealed by Rockstar.

Those items include two new Halloween inspired ways to navigate the game world. The Lurcher Hearse is a body carrier with a special skull and bones themed paint job and a dead person’s face sticking out of the back window, almost as if they’d climbed out of a coffin in back. The second is the Franken Stange, a classic looking hotrod. The Franken Stange can be customized at the new body shop for low-rider vehicles that Rockstar rolled out to Xbox One, PC and PS4 users a few weeks ago. Users can collect different bobbleheads for their car’s dash. Both of these cars can only be earned during the GTA Online Halloween Surprise Event. The entire event ends on November 16th.

Masks have always been a big part of GTA 5 and GTA Online. They’re an essential part of the gear that users need before they go pulling off any of the game’s Online Heists, for example. The GTA Online Halloween Surprise Event throws some new masks into the mix. Anyone who goes on an Online Heist during the event get a special set of Halloween masks to choose from. The game will suggest a Hallloween themed during the Heist setup process. There are 30 different  paint options available too.

Slasher Adversary Mode is coming to keep players of GTA Online scared. The event is pretty much a horror film in its own right. 7 players will have to run from another player who has been designated the Slasher. Those running don’t have much to defend themselves with or navigate besides a flashlight. The Slasher gets to run around the night landscape, murdering the other players. Players need to survive for 3 minutes to get the chance to take out the Slasher.

All told, it looks like Rockstar is planning something pretty epic for users who love the game. GTA Online and GTA 5 are still enormously popular. The game is frequently one of the most-played titles on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network worldwide. Events like this are how the game stays at the top of the activity charts, Rockstar does a Christmas event that brings snow to the entire online world and holiday themed clothing and extras.

Unfortunately, the GTA Online Halloween Surprise Event is only for users who have the game for Xbox One, PS4 and Windows explicitly. A few months ago Rockstar confirmed that it no longer had plans to keep updating GTA Online for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The online multiplayer mode still works on those games, but won’t get any major updates going forward. To participate in these new events, users will need a new console and an updated copy of GTA 5.

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