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GTA 5 Videos Showcase Upgraded Graphics, Thrills & Missions



For users who managed to get their hands on a copy of Rockstar’s Game’s Grand Theft Auto 5 or GTA 5, the hours following last night’s midnight launch were probably a mix of daring car chases, outrageous vehicular theft and a lot of death. Here’s some of our favorite videos of the game to surface since it launched early this morning.

Many of Grand Theft Auto 5’s most harrowing moments don’t come from seeking mission check points or advancing in the game’s story. Some of them come from users simply breaking into areas they shouldn’t necessarily be in and capturing rare vehicles. In this video, a user breaks into a military base and airport in the game to obtain a tank and a fighter jet.

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In real life, chasing a group of thugs in a boat down the highway likely wouldn’t end well, but in Grand Theft Auto 5, it’s completely encouraged as showcased in this video of game’s campaign missions.

As the game’s title suggests, sometimes missions in the game come down to stealing cars and trying to get away from the game’s police officers without giving up the ill-gotten automobile.

While many users stood in line to get their hands on the game a bit earlier than everyone else and obtain a few pre-order bonuses, that doesn’t mean it’s too late for casual gamers to get in on the action. Users can purchase the latest installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise for $59.99 at GameStop, Target, Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy now. While standard editions of the game are still in stock, Grand Theft Auto 5: Special Edition is still sold out at GameStop and Amazon.

Slow down speed while driving, shooting and inflict more damage with special abilities.

Slow down speed while driving, shooting and inflict more damage with special abilities.

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Now that the game’s midnight launch rush has subsided users can finally download the iFruit companion application for iPhone and iPad users. With it, users can monitor their progress in the game, and customize their vehicles for the Grand Theft Auto Online multiplayer mode coming in two weeks. While users could download the application before, signs up for the Rockstar Account that is required to use the application were broken just before the game’s launch due to a rush of users all trying to create accounts at the same time.

Here’s one final hour long GTA 5 video that showcases the open world and vehicles with no spoilers.

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1 Comment

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