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GTA 5’s GTA Online Gets Epic Jobs Package



GTA 5’s massive online world, GTA Online is getting a series of important new in-game Job missions all verified by the game’s developer, Rockstar.

Rockstar announced the new GTA Online verified Jobs in a post on its Rockstar Newswire blog this week. Though created by the community, Rockstar Verified Jobs for GTA Online are checked for quality and dole out rewards for those who play them. These 10 Jobs are available for GTA Online players with every version of the game. That includes Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC, which was among the top game launches for the month of April. There are versions of GTA 5 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4.

GTA Online Races

Forest Mayhem is a new GTA Online deathmatch set in GTA Online’s forest. In this Verified Job up to 10 players in the game run through the forest trying to kill each other as quickly as possible. The site is littered with half rusting hulks, deadly machinery and containers filled with explosives.

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Stealing a Dead Person involves exactly what its name suggests. Players will try to steal the body of known underground crime lord while his family protects him. A large part of this Capture Job is set in a cemetery, making it even more grim. The activities included in this Verified Jobs games update aren’t all bleak. Another included in the update is a dedicated race. Called RoC Santos, players participate in a street race to see who is the best at driving through the streets of Los Santos. The Great Adventurer, Life Invader Circuit, Ramps Ramps Ramps and Project Z Grand Prix are all races included in the new GTA Online lineup of Verified Jobs.

Shotgun City is a Last Team Standing Job that essentially gives players a shotgun and tasks them will killing as many of their rival team members as they possibly can. Gas N Go is another Capture Job, but one that has players collecting as much supplies as they can. Triphasic is a Deathmatch on a skyscraper complete with long-range weapons.

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If the tone for Verified Jobs seems different than pieces of the rest of the game, it is because they weren’t developed by Rockstar itself. Instead, Verified Jobs are missions created by GTA Online players through a creation tool included in the game. Users are able to select a specific job directly through Rockstar Social Club, the online companion system for GTA 5 and other Rockstar Games. Besides in-game cash, those who complete Verified Jobs get experience points. Those experience points help players reach new levels. At each new level new content, missions and purchasable items unlock. For example, new players can’t purchase a parachute until they’ve ranked up a bit by pulling off robberies, murdered other players around them or finished a Verified Job or mission created by Rockstar.

User created Jobs aren’t necessarily available on every version of GTA Online unless they become Rockstar Verified Jobs. GTA Online players can browse through interesting jobs added to the Rockstar Social Club here. Username and password are required.

Grand Theft Auto 5 launched in the summer of 2013 and quickly became the biggest entertainment launch in history. The single player campaign revolves around three criminals. There’s small town hustler Franklin, certified crazy drug dealer Trevor and bank robber Michael. When users are done with that portion of the game they’re encouraged to dive into GTA Online, which comes with every copy of the game free of charge. GTA Online is a living breathing world with cars to buy, properties to purchase, missions to complete and a nearly unlimited amount of ways to be killed by rival players.

GameStop has a deep discounted on used copies of GTA 5. For a limited time users can pick up GTA 5 for Xbox 360 and PS3 for $27.99, roughly $12 less than usual. Used copies of the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game still cost $55.

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1 Comment

  1. Fred Wilkins

    05/18/2015 at 10:41 am

    Most of the user created stuff is garbage. Just because Rockstar “verifies” it doesn’t change the fact that it’s garbage in most cases.

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