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GTA V Flight School Update Lands Today



Developer Rocksteady Games is adding a ton of new missions, a new uniform and new planes with the San Andreas Flight School Update, a free automatic upgrade from Grand Theft Auto Online. That’s the multiplayer that’s given to GTA V buyers at absolutely no extra cost.

Rockstar announced the San Andreas Flight School Update was available to GTA V for Xbox 360 and PS3 buyers earlier this morning in post on its blog, and as it’s name suggests, the free add-on is all about adding more options for users who like flying in the game’s multiplayer.

Included in this update are 10 free missions for GTA V players to complete on their own. These missions run the gamut, ranging from pulling off stunts in new fighter jets to purposely jumping out of a moving plane and landing in the Los Santos International Airport parking lot. A few of the missions start at the base rank to let new GTA V players experience the action, but many more of them start at around level 15 and go up from there. Just like with other missions, pulling off any of these jobs and stunts earns users extra cash that they can spend in-game.

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Three new mission modes are joining all the new jobs and stunts that users can now pull off. Acquire Targets tasks users with protecting and holding on to a single flag – with jets – to rack up more points than other users. G Rating puts users in fighter jets as they try to maneuver a fighter jet and collect as many flags as possible, while being shot at in some cases. Air Force Zero has teams protecting a single target as other fighter jets try to shoot it down before it’s able to successfully land.

This being GTA V, of course users can expect a ton of new cars and outfits. In addition to a new flight suite, there’s a new Swift helicopter, a 16 seat Buckingham Mil-Jet and new parachutes for users to collect at their leisure. A new reserve parachute will also keep GTA V players from accidentally killing themselves when their first parachute doesn’t deploy as it should. A new hardtop and convertible car are also included in the update.

According to the Rockstar, Xbox 360 and PS3 users should find that their console automatically prompts them to download the GTA Online San Andreas Flight School Update the next time they drop in the game’s disc and start the game. Like with previous updates, no extra purchases are required to get all of this new content, but users will need to pull off as many jobs as they can to earn all of these extras.

GTA V launched last year to high reviews and big sales numbers. In the game’s single player campaign, users play as one of three characters. There’s Michael, a washed up fixer who has retired after a mishap during a robbery. Trevor is a psychopathic killer, and Franklin is the new guy, a recent recruit who has a lot to learn about successfully pulling off high-profile crimes. Users don’t have to choose which character they like, instead they switch between each character when its convenient. The characters that users create in Grand Theft Auto Online are directly descended from  these three characters, but users are able to make their  them their own.

Today, Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online are completely exclusive to the Xbox 360 and PS3, however Rockstar has already confirmed that won’t always be the case. Later this year, upgraded versions of Grand Theft Auto V are coming to the Xbox One and PS4. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have a hard release date for when those new versions will land. These new versions of the game will play the same and include all the same cars, missions and extras, but they’ll look better thanks to graphics upgrades.

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