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Guess the 90’s Answers, Cheats & Tips Arrive to Help Stuck Gamers



Guess the 90’s takes 90’s trivia that would normally pop up in a bar trivia game and puts it on your iPhone or Android with a fill in the blank style game that is addicting and fun.

If you grew up in the 90’s this game is a nice look back at pop culture including movies, games, TV shows, toys and more. But, if like most of the users we see on Facebook, you need more Guess the 90’s answers to get past a level we are here to help.

Guess the 90’s allows users to spend coins to unlock letters, remove letters or solve a puzzle they are stuck on. Users earn coins by answering the 90’s trivia correctly or through in-app purchases. The game also lets users ask friends on Facebook for help solving the questions by posting a screenshot to the user’s timeline.

Users that want to get to the next level without pestering friends on Facebook or using coins can find Guess the 90’s answers easily online by using a listing of Guess the 90’s answers or by searching with the image used in the clue.

Find Guess the 90's answers with these resources and tips.

Find Guess the 90’s answers with these resources and tips.

The easiest way to find Guess the 90’s answers is to head to the listing of Guess the 90’s answers and cheats which shows the small image used along with the answer for every level and category out there. This website allows user to pick different levels or categories to find the right answer without waiting for friends to help.

This is an easy way to cheat at Guess the 90’s and find the right answer, but it didn’t show all the images, likely due to the game developer adding new trivia over time. If you can’t find the Guess the 90’s answer on that listing, it is possible to perform a reverse image search on iPhone or Android to find the answer.

Instead of typing in the search term you search using an image. In this case the thumbnail that is your hint. Here’s how to find Guess the 90’s answers on your own.

1. Take a screenshot

  • On iPhone hold home and power at the same time.
  • On Android it’s volume down and power button at the same time.
  • On Samsung power and home button at the same time.

2. Edit the image to crop the screenshot down to just the thumbnail. If you need to crop slightly more than the thumbnail so there is no black outside it.

3. Go to and tap on Upload.

4. Upload the cropped image and wait for the search results.

A revers image search can find Guess the 90's answers.

A revers image search can find Guess the 90’s answers.

5. Tap on one of the search results to see more about the image. The page will likely include a details that tell you the Guess the 90’s answer you were looking for.

With these tips you can find the answer to almost any Guess the 90’s question, and if all else fails you can search Google or your best guess to get the right spelling. Before discovering these Guess the 90’s tips we searched for “90’s TV show dude ranch” to discover the answer was, “Hey Dude”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jordan

    02/16/2014 at 7:52 pm

    Thanks for the tips on how to use image search to find answers… It worked for most of the levels :)

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