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Guess Which Device Came In Handiest This Week?



Channel3This week has been insane. We’ve been working hard to open a new theatre space and a new season for Wayside Theatre. Today is the first time we’ll have an audience for preview performances of Forever Plaid. The last three days have literally been 24/7 as some of us have not left the new space, working through each night. A crew is here this morning putting on the final touches and putting up signage, while another crew is working on getting the stage lighting just right.

I’ve been variously alternating between three mobile devices this week (four if you count the amount of time I’ve had my PPC 6700 attached to my ear.) The ThinkPad X61, the Asus R2H, and the Samsung Q1P have all been rotating in and out of my hands at various points. Between note taking, project management,and communications, I’ve been Inking a lot on my feet. I got some great things out of each of them, but guess which of those three devices is the one that seemed to be with me the most?

I’ve got to get back to the finishing touches, but here’s a local TV newsclip (sorry no imbed, so follow the link) that ran last night. If you’re in the area I hope you come check out our new digs and the show.

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