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“Half a Tablet”, reviews the TabletKiosk eo i7210



PocketnowBrandon Miniman, Editor-in-Chief at, has done a good review of the TabletKiosk e7110.  He has lots of good images, and the review shows that he did spend some good time with the unit.  Have a look at his concluding statements:

Let’s fast-forward three, maybe four years. I enter your house, sit down at the coffee table, and find this very thin…screen. I see that it has an ON button, so out of my own curiosity, I press it. Suddenly, I see a Microsoft Windows logo, and within about five seconds, I’m on the internet, using a full-fledged Windows PC in a device that is feather light and cost about $400. That’s my prediction of where we are going with UMPC technology. A device eye-catching enough to place on your coffee table, cheap enough to have in each room, and capable enough to be an internet appliance, and a whole lot more. We’re at Chapter 1 in this story, so naturally, things aren’t evolved as we would all like. The eo 7110 is essentially a mini Tablet PC without a keyboard. It’s bulky, not exactly lightweight, gets hotter than your standard laptop, and has meek battery life. Early adopters and those who find themselves wanting a smaller iteration of a Tablet PC will enjoy this device. Me, though, I’m staying on the sidelines for now.

Interesting conclusion, and one that I cannot argue with on many points.  There is no question that these devices are still in their infancy, but the other point I think people are missing is the availability of applications.  Lots of legacy Windows XP applications will run on this device, but not optimally.  This is resulting in people still looking at it in a negative eye.  Things like dialog boxes not displaying in 800×400 are an issue for sure as well.  We need time for applications to mature to this device.

As Rob mentioned the other day, I have a TabletKiosk eo i7210 on the way.  Remember that this is not a refresh of the i7110, it is a completely different unit.  As soon as I get it, I will run it through a quick review using WIndows XP Tablet PC edition, then I am Windows Vista bound to document the user experience there.  Let’s see what that experience is like.  I wonder if there are any considerations for the UMPC there?

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