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Half-Life 3 Confirmed? Not So Fast



Valve is one of the most popular game developing studios in the world right now, and big wig Gabe Newell and company decided to answer some of your hankering questions on Reddit yesterday through the website’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) subreddit.

Newell and a couple of other Valve guys answered all sorts of questions that ranged from serious business questions about Valve’s plans for the future to silly and fun questions like what Newell thinks of the internet’s obsession over him. However, many questions were asked about whether or not Half-Life 3 is coming, and of course, Newell dodged these questions will accurate precision.

However, you might have seen an answer to a question that had Newell saying “yes” to if Half-Life 3 is coming. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. This is what actually happened:

Half-Life 3

As you can see, a Reddit user (who has now been banned and his question deleted) simply asked if Newell had ever been raged at by a teammate — a question that most likely gets a “yes,” and indeed it did. After Newell posted his answer, the Reddit user edited his question to read, “Is HL3 coming?”.

Apparently these things happen all the time on Reddit, for which the user gets a swift kick in the rear end with the banhammer, but for those who are gullible, or maybe just believed this particular doozy, we wanted to let you know that Valve did not confirm that Half-Life 3 is coming. This doesn’t mean it will never come, but the game developing company simply hasn’t made it official or anything just yet.

Half-Life 3 has been one of the most anticipated video games ever and it doesn’t even exist. The last installment in the series was released way back in 2004, so a threequel to finish out the trilogy is on every gamer’s mind. Will we see Half-Life 3 at some point in the future? It’s entirely possible, but Valve certainly didn’t confirm it yesterday.

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