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Halo 5 Release: 5 Things to Know Now



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Halo 5 Deals

Halo 5 Deals

It's still early, but there is one major Halo 5 deal already on the table. Best Buy offers a $10 reward certificate with a Halo 5 pre-order. This is free for anyone that buys the game through Best Buy, but it's not the only way to save there.

If you are a Gamers Club Unlocked member you can also save 20% on Halo 5. This knocks the price to $48 before the $10 bonus. Altogether this can drop the price of the game to $38 after you factor in all the savings.

The Gamers Club Unlocked deal also applies to the Halo 5 Collector's Edition, which is $199 after 20% off with Gamers Club Unlocked.

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