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Halo Wars 2, Other Reveals Could Come at February Xbox Event



Having successfully recreated the features that its Xbox One fans love on Windows already, it seems Microsoft is ready to start showcasing more of its vision for the Xbox on Windows app and the titles that it hopes gamers will play on it – like Halo Wars 2. Microsoft sent out invitations for a February Xbox Event specifically focusing on Windows 10 and the Xbox One recently.

Media outlets began receiving invitations for an Xbox event related specifically to Windows 10 this week, according to reports. Windows 10 launched last year as a major rethinking of what Windows could be. Besides a new Windows Store and upgraded apps, Windows 10 includes a dedicated Xbox app that acts as a companion for those with an Xbox One console. Microsoft seems to be on the verge of turning that same client into an alternative for Steam, a gaming service that’s just as popular as Xbox Live is but only on Windows, Linux and Mac PCs.

Fix a frozen Xbox One game.

WinBeta reports that this Windows 10 event will be held specifically to showcase video games on February 25th and include Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox. “Microsoft is planning to showcase its upcoming Xbox spring lineup,” the report begins. The outlet says that invitations have are going out to news outlets this week.

The games and “platform experiences” that Microsoft will show off at this Xbox briefing will launch “on Xbox and Windows 10 this Spring the company says.”

Certainly there are some titles that we should expect out without hesitation. Microsoft partner Remedy Entertainment has been hard at work on science-fiction adventure game where time is just as lethal a weapon as a gun is. Called Quantum Break, it’s due out this April on Xbox One. There are other games in the company’s line-up too that could make their debut at this event.

Fable Legends, Gigantic and Gears of War Ultimate Edition come to mind. Fable Legends and Gigantic were both announced last year, but were delayed into this year. Microsoft revealed Gears of War Ultimate Edition was coming to PCs at last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, but has said nothing about it since. Killer Instinct is another game in the Xbox One’s line-up confirmed to be coming to Windows 10 sometime in the near future.

Perhaps we’ll get another look at Windows 10’s most surprising game release, Halo Wars 2. The original title was a strategy game with all the same weapons and enemies as the first-person shooter games in the series. It was only available on consoles. Halo Wars 2 is coming to both the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.


Fable Legends

The hope is that these games and the Xbox app will lead to more people using Windows 10’s Store and services.

Windows 10 allows gamers to earn the same Xbox Live Achievements that they always could on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The Xbox app itself includes a live look at what’s going on within Xbox Live. Connecting to an Xbox One gets players a keyboard and OneGuide. On its own, the Xbox app for Windows 10 is capable of creating Parties for voice chat, voiding videos from PC games, taking screenshots and sending messages. The Xbox One Wireless Adapter makes it easy to use Xbox One Wireless Controllers with Windows 10 PCs.

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Microsoft recently added a Store area into the Xbox in anticipation of new releases arriving in the Windows 10 store. Next week, Rise of The Tomb Raider will become the first full-fledged video game to be available directly through the Windows Store to Windows users. To be clear, this is the same Rise of the Tomb Raider that’s available on the Xbox One.



  1. I'm onto you, JCrookedFraud

    01/21/2016 at 8:27 am

    Nice, a bunch of PC MMOs that should have been released last year.

    Between this and the garbage BC list this month, it’s no wonder JCrookedFraud has revved up the damage control.

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