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Halo Wearable Headband for iPhone Keeps You Feeling Great



CES 2016 is stuffed full of wearable devices that do everything from let users monitor how much water they need to drink each day to tracking sleeping patterns effortlessly. The Halo Headband from BioTrak Health doesn’t do either of those things. Instead, it aims to keep owners of Apple’s iPhone and devices running Google’s Android operating headache and head pressure free.

BioTrak showed off the Halo Headband this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The system works in two parts, with a black headband acting as the main accessory and sensor. A companion app connects to the headset, analyzing the data that it collects and providing context for the many alerts that it offers.


The company says that the device is great for “multi-taskers, road warriors, students, or anyone who wants to better manage muscle tension that can lead to chronic health issues.” Put plainly, The Halo Headband uses sensors to tell you how stressed you are. If you’re feeling tense, the companion app walks you through different exercises designed to ease the tension in your body. To be clear, the band will have apps available in the iTunes Store and Google Play Store. There’ll be Apple HealthKit and Google Fit functionality for those who’d like all their health data accessible in a single place.

BioTrak says that the Halo Headband saves users money and time by allowing them to skip “expensive” treatments for the symptoms that tension often causes. It also maintains that actively trying to prevent headaches is a better idea than taking medication after a headache has already surfaced.

The Halo Headband should launch sometime within the latter half of the year for around $200.

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