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HandStand2 for iPad 2 with Rotating Handle on Back



HandStand2 updated their case to work with the iPad 2 and it will ship in early May. The case holds the iPad 2 and has a strap on the back that not only lets the user hold the iPad, but it also swivels 360 degrees for easy switching between portrait and landscape orientation. The case is made of silicone. It also has an integrated stand that holds the iPad at a decent viewing angle for typing and viewing content. The strap is made of elastic and stretches to fit different hand sizes. Hub International, the maker of the HandStand2 is also proud that they have used 100% recycled material in the making of the HandStand2.


The key concept behind the design was comfort. Read the copy from their site:

Try this: hold your hand in front of you in roughly the position you’d hold a tablet computer. Or a plate of doughnuts. Just hold your hand out there; no objects and no weight. How fast does your arm get tired? One minute? Five minutes?


The “ergonomic problems” with the iPad are supposedly solved with this accessory. The solution keeps users from grabbing the edge of the iPad which tires out the hands. It also keeps users from accidentally touching the screen if a thumb or finger gets too close. Also, the grip on the back of the case is curved so they hand doesn’t have to stay flat in an unnatural position while holding the iPad. This grip has a dual function of propping the case up at an angle when it lays on the table or desk.


Here is a demo video of the HandStand2:

This is one review of the original HandStand for the first iPad in wich the reviewer calls it a “Kickass product”:

We could see this as useful for the average consumer, but probably more useful in industrial, business or education settings. Doctors who carry around an iPad will probably like it as would those who might use the iPad on a factory floor all day. Anyone who finds themselves holding the iPad for long periods of time with just one hand could use a product like this.

They have black, pink and white versions. The original iPad version is $49.99 and is only available while supplies last. The newer iPad 2 version is cheaper at $39.99 and can be preordered now for an early May release. Each case is designed for that specific model with all the necessary cutouts and port/button/camera accessibility.


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