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Happy Opening Day Trends as iPhone & Android Owners Play Ball



It appears iPhone and Android owners are more than a little excited about Major League Baseball’s Opening Day. At least, that’s if they’re public messages on Twitter are any indication.

iPhone and Android users took to Twitter proclaiming their love of #OpeningDay this morning, happily showing support for their favorite teams. Many of the tweets included small trinkets for users to customize their iPhone, including a few customized  team backgrounds.

All told, iPhone and Android users seem to be thrilled about the start of the new season. Apple’s iPhone accounted for 33% of all “Happy Opening Day” tweets according to statistics gathered by Trendinalia USA. Those same statics show that just 23% of “Happy Opening Day Tweets” came from devices running Google’s Android operating system. Finally, Twitter’s website only accounted for around 16%. Clearly, these numbers were affected by the mobile-first nature of Twitter in some way.

MLB At Bat

Major League Baseball’s Opening Day marks the official start of each baseball season. It’s on today that hardcore fans and baseball enthusiasts gather at their favorite team’s stadium or bars locally. There they watch their team of choice’s first game of the season and contemplate their team’s chances of making it to the World Series later this year.

Unfortunately, Opening Day hasn’t been going well for some users who rely on StubHub’s apps to get tickets to their local games. iPhone users have reported that StubHub won’t load on their iPhone. That StubHub is down is really bad news for users who can’t make it to their local stadium’s box office before work. Thankfully, users can still head to the for tickets while the company works to get the app functioning again.

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Other tweets included reactions to the newly refreshed MLB At Bat application that allows iPhone, Android and Windows Phone users to watch livestreams of today’s games if they’re going to be away from their television for a lengthy period of time. So far both apps seem to be holding up to the Opening Day strain leaving users to enjoy today’s baseball games in real-time with relative ease. Viewing games through the app has become even easier since MLB At Bat introduced a $2.99 monthly subscription plan to entice users to subscribe. Users still have the option to pay the full $19 up-front if they choose.



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