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Hardware Specs for Running Windows XP Mode in Win 7 Revealed



Quite a few folks are very excited about the Windows XP Mode coming with Windows 7 and deservedly so. But, of course you’ll need to have the right hardware to make things work. Oh, yeah, the hardware. And of course you need a license for Win 7 Ultimate, Professional or Enterprise editions. You didn’t think you were going to run this on a Netbook did you?

Anyway, CNet is reporting that your system will need to have at least 2GB of RAM and chip-level virtualization regardless of whether your device is running an Intel or AMD chipset. While the 2GB of RAM should be a no-brainer, the catch is that it isn’t all that easy to know what chips actually have chip-level virtualization. As Engadget reports you have to do some sleuthing to find out if this is possible on the solution you have, but they also provide a link to a tool to help you discover if you’ve got the goods or not.

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