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Hardware Zone Takes a Look at the Gigabyte U60 Ultra Mobile PC



Keyboard_200 This design has been round for a while, but the Gigabyte U60 still has one feature that sets it aside from many of the other UMPC’s – the slide out keyboard.  We first saw this at CES last year and I really like the idea of the slide out keyboard – I still do.  Hardware Zone gives a nice overview of the device and offers up these final thoughts:

Locally, the UMPC market is experiencing a slow growth. It helps that big brands such as Fujitsu and Sony are continuing to push for greater awareness of UMPCs and the mobile lifestyle these handy devices have had to offer, but UMPC is still widely regarded as a niche device. Gigabyte’s track record in the IT industry may just help the U60 gain quick recognition in terms of quality and price, but we reckon more work is required in the design department, not forgetting an improvement to the Gigabyte U60’s ventilation system. At a price of S$1549 (~US$1029), you’ll find the Gigabyte U60 to be an affordable UMPC with decent computing performance to let you take your Internet lifestyle outdoors – if you can look beyond its uninspiring design.

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