Hasbro Brings 3D Viewing to iPhone, iPod Touch
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Hasbro Brings 3D Viewing to iPhone, iPod Touch



Hasbro is creating an accessory that allows iPhone and iPod Touch owners to view 3D content on their phone’s 2D display. The My3D Handheld Viewer comes with a mount where users can mount their iOS devices and features a binocular-like viewing experience to experience 3D content. In addition to the hardware viewer, Hasbro will also be releasing a number of 3D apps and will be working with content partners to bringing additional content to iOS users.

Hasbro will be bundling a number of 3D titles–all free at launch–to take advantage of the My3D Handheld Viewer. Among the titles is a 3D tour of Los Angeles. The company is also working with movie studios to bring 3D movie trailers to the experience.

As users will have to hold the My3D Handheld Viewer as a binocular to experience 3D, traditional accelerometer-based games and even touchscreen-based games may not be a possibility yet in 3D on iOS until a native 3D experience is created by Apple.

The accessory retails for $35 and will be available at Target beginning April 3rd. Hasbro will be bringing it to other retailers in June.

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