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Have you claimed your Splotch?



Okay, we awarded the wonderful, glorious, and extremely valuable prize of your very own Splotch, and a few of you have yet to claim your prize (including the grand prize winner!)!

If you name was in the list in this post about the winners, you MUST PM  (if you do not know what that means, look around in the forums, it is a good time to figure out that feature) me, Dennis Rice, with your shipping address (or a decline please) before this Friday, or you will forfeit this glorious event in your life!

For those who have replied, your own cuddly, mischievous, cute, chewy (see here for details on that one), and just awesome little buddy is on his way with his bags all packed.  You must know though, that he can be quite uncontrollable, and has been known to get in a little trouble.

Caveat Emptor.

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