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Having some fun with a UMPC this weekend



ChuzzleI’ve been playing with some great touch friendly games over the past couple of days, courtesy of an eval license from Microsoft.

Chances are you’ve heard of, the home of some highly addictive casual games. They’ve been around for quite some time, but these games really, really shine when played using your finger on a Ultra-Mobile PC. All of the controls are big and designed well for touch. In addition to touch friendly controls, in my opinion, the dynamic of the game is greatly improved when played using a finger. In addition to playing online, the games can be downloaded to play when you are offline. Prices vary by game. Chuzzle Deluxe, for example, is $19.95

My favorite game is Chuzzle, and I played it all the way from Seattle to Denver. One issue I have noticed is that if you switch from the game to the desktop, that some of the PopCap games have trouble displaying again. When that happens, the game has to be canceled using an End Task. Other than that one issue, there couldn’t be a better casual gaming experience for the UMPC around.

If you are a fan, what are your favorite games? Are you playing them with your Tablet PC or UMPC?

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