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Rob and Eddie - Mobile with an OQO and Tablet PCYesterday, one of the funniest comments I have ever seen here on GBM was put into this OQO post about Team member Eddie.  The comment gave me such a visual that I posted it over in the forums to see if somebody could make it into something…  Well, the first was Chad Essley over at Cartoonmonkey. Chad also did a Life With Ink spot on GBM not too long ago.

This was the comment:

Anyway, glad to see more 02 owners. So is Eddie VanDerbeck an 02 owner? With all the great portable speakers for iPods & MP3 players, I can see him rollerblading around Rob Bushway with his 02 mounted as a belt buckle playing Saturday Night Fever with the disco music cranked, maybe have a little mirror ball hanging from a headband with those little presentation lazer pointer lights bouncing off of it. – posted by KillBill

Click the image to see it full sized – Any others want to give it a go????

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