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Hector Gomez and Ubuntu on the Aigo MID



P1030157 Speaking of MIDs, Hector Gomez keeps experimenting with his new Aigo P8860 MID and has sent along a brief report (with pictures) of his attempts at running Ubuntu on the device. Here’s his report:

So far it does load up and works great except the speed to load the applications takes a bit because its running from the CD. Once something gets loaded up its very quick with the program. I tried OpenOffice and worked great. I also tried a video and that played with no problem, and also did some PPT slides and that worked great as well. I went through some games to see if those load up and they did with no problem. I checked the CPU usage with some of the programs running and it would be between 20% to 60% and would at times be at 10%. On the bad side it didn’t recognize the Wi-Fi so I couldn’t go online, but it did open up Firefox. To bad the Wi-Fi wasn’t recognized; on the other hand it did recognized the Bluetooth.

 Hit the READ MORE link for more pictures.

P1030158 P1030161
P1030162 P1030163













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