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Helios Demonstrates New Ways to Bring 3D to Current Smartphones (Video)



Helios Interactive has created a number of technologically advanced advertising campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands. The company is looking to help companies extend their brand marketing and consumers to experience 3D and augmented reality on their smartphones. When we caught up with the San Francisco, California-based company back in December, we were given a demo on how the company is using regular laptop webcams and cameras on today’s generation of smartphones to convert 2D printed images into an augmented reality 3D experience.

The potential application for this technology is vast and would definitely create an interactive experience. By placing the camera over the 2D image, a custom-created app will convert what you’re seeing into a 3D interactive augmented reality experience, allowing such applications like trying out different color swatches on a car.

The experience, unlike some of the special 3D smartphones from Sharp, wouldn’t require a special 3D screen or 3D glasses. It would harness the computing power of your current phone or laptop, and would be an immersive experience for consumers. Want to demo a smartphone’s feature? You can potentially just take a picture of it and “scan” it in with your phone’s camera and watch a 3D demo of it on your phone. How about baseball or collector’s cards that pop out with stats shows the player in action?

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