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Help me with my pain!



The Grand Prize!Noooooo.  Oh the pain of it all.  Fedex delivered the Grand Prize Motion LS800 Ultra Mobile Tablet PC from Motion Computing a few minutes ago for the big contest winner!


Pleeeeease Rob, Warner and Matt, please “Make me Mobile with Motion”!  No?  Hmph.  I never liked you guys much anyway.


This is inhuman and cruel.  There is no way I can have an unopened tricked out Motion LS800 in my hands and not possess it for my own!  Next time we send it to someone else to hold, I may not be strong enough.  I guess I better give it to my wife and tell her to hide it where she hides my Christmas presents, I can never find the darn stuff.


Oh wait a minute, she loves tablets now also.  May not be a good idea.  This thing could be in serious danger.


This contest better be over soon or someone is gonna get an opened LS800 with my fingerprints all over it.  No, I guess I won’t do that, that would spoil someone’s fun, huh?  I hope whoever wins this thing appreciates my huge sacrifice here.  I hate these ““character growth” moments in my life.


I can resist, I can resist,  I can resist, I can resist, I can resist, I can resist, I can resist, I can resist, I can resist ..


You people better get those final entries in, there are only like 3 days left ya know!


Here’s the link — get it done!

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