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Help Microsoft Research Design InkSeine for UMPCs



Microsoft Research’s Ken Hinckley is looking for some help from the UMPC community. He’s posted a request in our forum’s, looking for help in designing InkSeine to work with typical UMPC screen resolutions.

He’s on a tight deadline, so head over to our forums to post your comments and help impact the design of this upcoming release.

I’m trying to do some work to adapt the UI for InkSeine to handle UMPC devices a little better than it currently does, and I know a lot of people on this site follow this market segment closely (I currently don’t).

I do have access to an older one that has a 640×480 res display on it. I am wondering if I really need to kill myself to make some of our UI usable at that resolution (we have a few dialogs, help tips for our gestures, etc. that are larger than that right now) or if the market has moved on and most people have a larger resolution (and if so, what dimensions?).

So, if anyone knows typical UMPC screen pixel dimensions that are supported, please do fill me in – I’m hoping to get a quick answer here rather than researching this for real :-) and I’m under a bit of time pressure since we are trying to get our next release wrapped up Real Soon Now.

Bonus points: do people typically use these devices in Portrait or Landscape orientation? Or both? The one I have only seems to work in Landscape but I wouldn’t be surprised if something has gotten messed up with its config to result in that limitation.

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