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Help Update the Tablet PC Wikipedia Page



wiki Do a Google or Live search on Tablet PC, and the Wikipedia page for Tablet PC comes up as the second entry, thus many first impressions on a Tablet PC will likely come from the Wikipedia page. Therein lies the problem – the data on that page is old and sometimes just plain wrong. The Vista information is very lacking in regards to operating systems, the TIP, handwriting reco, etc. There is no mention of the new UMPC form factor, either.

Since we have many readers who know the Tablet PC space quite well, I’d like throw a call-out to the general tablet pc community in getting that page current and accurate. Who better to accurately talk about Tablet PC than those who know them best.

So – head over to the Tablet PC Wikipedia page and start editing, organizing that thing, and bring it up to date. In the end, potential new owners will be better served with more accurate information.

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