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We are on a continuing process of improving what we do on GottaBeMobile in order to bring you the very best in mobile pc coverage. From daily news coverage to InkShows, Podcasts, and forums, we offer a wide range of mediums to bring you the information you are most interested in.

Now, although we love getting kudos and pats on the back , what we really need to know from you guys is how we can improve. Be brutally honest – we’ve got thick skin. I mean it. If we are doing something that sucks, tell us. If the site loads slow, you hate the layout / design, you wish we would stop writing about certain things and concentrate more in another area, tell us.  I can’t promise we will fix all the issues, but I certainly want to know what they are, how we can improve, thus making your experience on GottaBeMobile more enjoyable and productive.

The mic is yours.


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