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Here Comes Yet Another Name for the Mobile Set: The MiND



Clarionmind3No. No. No. No. I can’t take it anymore. Not another name and acronym for yet another class of mobile devices. I’ve already added ultra-sub-mini-portable-low cost-notebook as an ActiveWord for easy recall, and now I’ve got to go back and change it once again.

Now we have the MiND. No, that is not MID as in Mobile Internet Device. It is MiND as in Mobile Internet and Navigation Device. Yep you guessed it. It is a Mobile device with Internet connectivity that also has a GPS. Which is puzzling to me because I swear we heard of a least a few MIDs (without the N) at CES that were planning to add GPS to the mix.

According to jkkmobile this MiND from Clarion (still a prototype) will run $700 which seems to be a pretty steep price for the MID class device. But then again, news has slowed to a crawl about the MID platform of late, so we don’t really know at what price MIDs will debut.

In any event, add another device category and acronym to the roster.

Check out the video at PCWorld



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