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Here’s When You Can Expect an iPhone 6 Rival Running Windows Phone



Things have been mostly quiet on the Windows Phone front since Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 8.1, but if a new report is accurate Microsoft could spice things up with a new flagship smartphone that could rival Apple’s iPhone 6 this fall.

Alleged details about new devices being launched by Nokia Devices and Services – what’s now simply known as Microsoft Mobile – surfaced earlier today at Evleaks. The outlet doesn’t necessarily go into specific minute details about each device coming in the future, but it does reveal when users can expect the next big wave of devices and when users should expect previously announced devices to become available.

Apparently, Microsoft is preparing to take on the iPhone 6 this fall with a new flagship and new devices running Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1, the first major update to Windows Phone 8.1. This new flagship Windows Phone will ship “in time for the holidays” and see wide release. Already AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile have signed up to carry McLaren. Today we know absolutely nothing about McLaren but if it’s available on those three carriers it’ll be the first time in a long time a Windows Phone hardware partner has managed to pull that off. Some would argue that rumored wide release alone indicates it’ll be a major upgrade. Typically only flagship smartphones see wide releases. For example, the iPhone 6 is available on every carrier in the United States.

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Allegedly, McLaren will be backed up by two mid-range smartphones, Tesla for AT&T and Superman for Verizon. Mid-range Windows Phones would likely feature the same internal hardware as today’s Nokia flagships like the Lumia 925 and Lumia 920.

According to this roadmap, it’s going to be a relatively quiet summer for Windows Phone users – especially in the United States. Reportedly, the online new devices users here in the United States will see from Microsoft during the warm summer months are going to be AT&T and T-Mobile versions of the Lumia 635. The Lumia 635 offers a 4.5-inch display and a decent processor. It also ditches the physical keys at the bottom of every Windows Phone in favor of on-screen versions. Without a contract it’ll sell for just $189.

Beyond that Microsoft will only launch the Lumia 930 flagship internationally. Unfortunately, the leak confirms that no other versions of the Lumia 930 will be released in the United States. In the United States the device will continue to be known as the Lumia Icon and only be sold on Verizon.

Next year users can expect two more devices, Makepeace and Dempsey though little is known about them currently. Allegedly there’s a phablet code-named Cityman coming too.

All told, if the details Evleaks is providing here are accurate than Microsoft Mobile isn’t slowing down as it tries to take on the iPhone and keep its low-cost Windows Phones flying off store shelves despite cheaper Android devices selling more and more.

It’s going to be an exciting end to the year as Microsoft finally takes the iPhone head on. To date, Microsoft’s partners have been the companies that most directly competed with Apple. Now that Microsoft owns Nokia’s Devices & Services division it’s perfectly position to approach users from both directions. Like Apple it now makes the software and the hardware. Like Android, it also license s that software for hardware makers to build around.

All of the devices mentioned here are code names, meaning Microsoft will definitely have different names for them when they debut. In fact, we don’t even know what brand name for these devices will be. Microsoft only has the rights to use the Nokia name on smartphones for a limited time. The company will have to introduce a new name when it unveils this new iPhone 6 rival in the fall.



  1. Jon

    06/05/2014 at 7:12 pm

    Do you expect this flagship phone to be released in 2014?

  2. Jakob D

    06/07/2014 at 5:39 am

    Windows Phone 8.1 is the Best Mobile OS Update till yet. This can help you judge on it

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