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Here’s Why Watch Dogs on Xbox One & PS4 Are Better Than PC for Now



Watch Dogs, the open world game that allows users to hack smartphones and the entire city of Chicago, has only been out a day but already some gaming industry followers are declaring the version users get on their consoles much better than the ones available for the PC.

As Polygon’s Ben Kuchera points to in his piece, Some Watch Dogs for PC buyers are noticing that the game isn’t quite optimized to run on their PC or it’s at least not running as well as it should. Kuchera noted that he’d decided to play Watch Dogs on his PC instead of his console figuring that the Windows 7 device equipped with an Intel core i7 processor, 8GB of memory, a solid state drive and a GTZ580 graphics card would be perfectly capable of running the game.

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Unfortunately, Kuchera found out otherwise. At first it was the Uplay login problems that everyone experienced that thwarted his attempts to enjoy the game. Ironically, the Watch Dogs for PC problems that Kuchera and some others have aren’t directly related to graphics as one might expect. Instead, it’s how the game handles. That is, the mouse and keyboard controls for the game are incredibly sluggish, making it almost unplayable. The problem is made all the more real by the inability for Watch Dogs for PC players to actually make any changes to the game’s control scheme in general, leaving them at the mercy of the game itself.

That’s not to say that there aren’t issues with the game’s performance too. The comments about the PC version of Watch Dogs are atrocious on Steam. Commenter Scatterlogical gave the game a complete thumbs down and asserts that the it is “utterly unoptimized for AMD [graphics] cards.” He also noted that he could only get the game running at 40 frames per second at the most, and that the game would routinely drop down to 15 frames per second sometimes. For comparison, having more frames per second makes the game look better. Another player who goes by the handle Zarathustra also noted that he had “8 crashes in one hour” while trying to enjoy Watch Dogs on PC.

In fact, these reports are so plentiful on Steam that is clear that they’re not isolated issues. That’s a shame since Watch Dogs developer Ubisoft needed the launch of the game to go off without a hitch. After all, Watch Dogs was originally intended to launch last year just before the Xbox One and PS4 consoles made their debut. Instead, Ubisoft delayed the game indefinitely. In fact, it only revealed a final release date for the game at the end of March. At the time, Ubisoft told Polygon and other gaming outlets that it’d delayed the game to polish it. For example, it said that it’d added more random biographical elements for gamers to encounter whenever they hacked someone’s smartphone.

Clearly, for now it appears users who haven’t yet purchased the game are better off waiting until Watch Dogs for PC is updated in a significant way. Users who have a PS4 or Xbox One are better off buying the game on one of those consoles too. Watch Dogs is available on the Xbox 360 and PS3, however those versions won’t look nearly as good as the versions on next-generation consoles or PCs that are not experiencing these issues.

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Currently, Ubisoft is only acknowledging that it’s continuing to have issues with the Uplay online gaming service that allows users to login for multiplayer and register their game. The company’s Twitter account says that the company is still working to address those issues. To be clear, those issues have cropped up on all versions of the game.



  1. anon

    05/28/2014 at 11:37 pm

    Superior not so much. More of Watch Dogs was released as a beta is more accurate.

  2. Carebear

    05/30/2014 at 9:04 pm

    *sigh* no pc problem is consistent with all pcs. Some play it fine, some AMC GPUs not so much. PC is still superior in almost every way to a console except for ease of use. Watch_dogs is a beta project at best. It’s a sloppy endeavor that mechanically fails the player over and over. Sticky driving and a botched cover system that often leaves you out in the open, plus insta-fail missions that force you to retry or quit. In short: the game sucks.

  3. Pramienjager

    05/31/2014 at 10:50 pm

    Is this writer a complete idiot? Or just a liar? Yes it is true, PC gamers are complaining about the game on PC because it should be better. IT is still infinitely better than anything a console can ever do. Talking about Kuchera playing at only 40FPS on a GTX 580, that is a card that is 2-3 generations old and it still plays better than any console does. What’s the problem? Then talking about the controls, first- on PC anyone can use any controller they want to. Most are simply plug and play, some need adapters, plus any gaming mouse and keyboard are fully customizeable, meaning any button can do anything. I think perhaps Travis Pope is both an idiot AND a liar to be honest. Even a bare modicum of research will show that every single game ever made is better on PC.

    • Oliver

      06/01/2014 at 9:14 am


      Lets play spot the console fanboy.

  4. Evokyr

    06/02/2014 at 9:18 am

    Funny, You can play controller or keyboard/mouse on PC.
    So it doesn’t matter.
    And your statement makes no more sence about it being better on consoles.

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